Welcome to Spring Certification Exam Tutorial

Course Objectives

  • Get knowledge required to pass Spring Certification Exam

  • Get detailed, in-depth understanding of Spring Framework

  • Get practical and theoretical knowledge with video tutorials

Course Description

Spring Certification Exam Tutorial is a video series course, in which I am going through Spring Certification Exam Study guide published by Pivotal. For each exam question I am providing detailed explanation followed by good code examples for you to get deep understanding of the topic. Spring Certification Exam Tutorial will give you all knowledge and skills required to pass Spring Certification Exam.


Meet Your Instructor

Dominik Cebula

Hello, my name is Dominik, I am a Software Developer with 10 years of experience in creating commercial software. Software Development is my daily job and also my passion. I love to work with complex systems and together with the team solve challenges that they produce. My main focus in backend development in technologies like Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Java EE. I am also doing frontend development in technologies like ReactJS, Redux, JavaScript ES6. I am also supporting products that I create in DevOps areas with technologies like AWS EC2 / VPC / ELB / Route 53 / S3 / EFS, Ansible, CloudFormation.


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